Weather Satellite Images

These are images that I receive directly from the weather satellites. They are low orbiting NOAA sats that come over a couple times each day. I receive the signals with a scanner type radio, and a small antenna, and feed the sound signal into my computer where it is converted to a photo with the freeware program WXSAT. It is easy to do, a cheap police band scanner and 2 ft all-band antenna is all that is required, and you need to know when the satellites will pass over you. I add the map grid with Adobe Photoshop.
Click HERE to see my satellite receiving station and an explanation of how easy it is to do.

My Latest Satellite View of Silverdale WA

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Best Images

101715ss.jpg (13996 bytes)

contrails from ship exhaust (not airplanes).
Click HERE for more images of Ship Trails and Jet Contrails
how they are different and how to identify them.

My best image, Arctic Ocean to Baja
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